The guide to choosing the right car seat covers

car seat covers

 Indeed, motorists tend to customize their cars in order to give them a better look or simply to improve their comfort. Such operations pass through the passenger compartment of the vehicle and extend to the other components of the latter.. It can be used for various reasons and for different purposes. To choose the right seat cover, here are some useful concepts.

Choosing the right car seat covers

What are car seat covers?

Seat covers are accessories that are installed in the car and whose mission is to protect the seats of the vehicle, and to offer a certain comfort to the users. For many motorists, the use of seat protection is optional. The role played by these seat covers may not seem very useful, compared to the steering wheel cover, but it is no less important.

car seat coverWe don’t necessarily pay attention to it, but seat covers play an important role in the vehicle. Like steering wheel covers, their primary role is to protect. In the case of car seat covers, these are used to protect the car seats against all dirt, small stains, possible animal hair, or wear and tear. They thus make it possible to always maintain its original seats intact while maintaining a healthy and elegant interior. This greatly helps when reselling your vehicle.

They can also be used if the original seats are seriously damaged. They will give your damaged seats a new look while hiding the various imperfections; so you don’t have to change all the seats in the car.

The main feature of leather seat covers is their durability . In addition, their maintenance is easier than the majority of seat covers. When, despite all your precautions, your seats with leather covers break or become stained, you will need to look for specialized cleaning products or call a professional. Leather seat covers are much more expensive than fabric covers, but they preserve and even increase the value of the vehicle in the event of resale.

Custom seat covers

custom car seat coverThis third type of seat covers offers both good protection, a touch of luxury and a look that suits your tastes. This kind of covers are generally offered at high prices. One of the great things about the custom car seat cover is that it greatly expands the options when it comes to customization.

You will have the choice between fabric and leather, as well as a wide range of colors, textures and patterns. There are also covers specially designed for pets (such as dogs, cats, etc.), or children. It all depends on the budget you are ready to allocate and your imagination.

Pay attention to the inscriptions on the cover to know if it can be machine washed. If so, see the leaflet for more information.

As far as leather or imitation leather seat covers are concerned, regular cleaning is mandatory. It is done using a cloth and a little water. If your cover has a stain that is difficult to remove, clean the affected area with a slightly damp sponge, clay stone and two drops of 90┬░ alcohol.

In addition to caring for your vehicle’s seat cover, you should also take care of your leather seats, so they can stay in good condition for a long time. To do this, you must carry out these maintenance actions regularly:

Once a week , remove the dust from the seats of your vehicle using a damp cloth, or vacuum the dust with the indicated nozzle of your vacuum cleaner.

Once a month you should deep clean your car seats and feed them. Indeed, it is possible to clean the leather of your car seat with natural products that you have at home. For example, to remove a stubborn stain, use white vinegar mixed with flaxseed, which you will spray on the stain before rubbing it with a soft-bristled brush. If you find that all of your car seats deserve a thorough cleaning, use a soft cloth and water containing a mild cleanser to wash them.

How to renovate the leather seats of a car?

If, despite all your efforts to restore shine to your car seats, they still seem dull, you must proceed with their renovation. To do this, buy a special leather restorer in a specialized store. Prefer a product containing water and having a neutral pH. Avoid low-end items that typically contain wax, silicone, or petroleum product. Indeed, renovating a leather seat amounts to nourishing it and restoring its original shine and suppleness. To bring your car seats back to life, put the renovator on them, and rub gently with a soft sponge or microfiber cloth. Just use a small amount of products to prevent the seats from getting greasy.


While it is true that car seat covers are mainly used to protect the seats, they can also play a purely decorative role . In many cases, it is the desire for personalization that drives motorists to buy colored covers or covers made of specific materials.

But, beyond protection, personalization and comfort, it is useful to specify that seat covers are above all a means of preserving your financial investment . Whether it’s young children, pets or even adult passengers, you are never safe from dirt and sometimes permanent deterioration of the seats. An element that could significantly affect the market value of your vehicle.

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