Top tips for setting up your own auto shop at home

auto shop

For those with a small space, use it to store simple tools and set up a workbench.

If you have a larger space, you can also use it for parking the vehicle and in addition to storing power tools and other items needed for car repairs.

During the evaluation, take into consideration the number of tables you want, the tools you have and those you intend to acquire. You can also consider having a second vehicle location if you are planning on getting a second car.

Also, you need to consider where you will store auto parts, scrap metal, and other shop materials. It may also be a good idea to install an air conditioner or a boiler if you have a cold cement floor or depending on your region of residence.

Create a home auto shop layout plan

The way a mechanic’s garage is laid out is very important. If the car shop is not organized properly, it will play a role in the projects you carry out there.

Don’t underestimate the power of a good layout plan for your workshop: for example, many professionals recommend effective “triangular” storage.

Thus, a corner is only dedicated to the storage of tools so that they are easily accessible: in this space you will store the tool boxes, the electric tools and the spare parts that you may need.

As an added tip, it’s always a good idea to create a shelf to avoid cluttering the tool storage area. Shelves are easy to install and can be added to any wall.

In the second corner is where the cars will be parked. If you want to go a little further, you can install a lift while working under the vehicle.

If you have a smaller workspace, you can use it to work on body panels and other large parts.

The last corner of the workshop can be used for tuning. In this space install shelves to store small power tools and other hand tools.

Install car lifts

A car lift can be a big investment, but it’s worth it. Not having to lie on your stomach to work in or under your vehicle means more time for other things, like family, for example!

A car lift is functional: it saves time and hassle when working on cars. You can easily access all areas of the vehicle by raising it to an appropriate height – ideal if you have limited space.

There is more than one type of car lift available for purchase, for example, four post lifts, scissor lifts and in-ground car lifts. It may therefore be necessary to do some research before deciding which one is best suited for a type of vehicle or job site.

Install a sub-panel

Subpanels are lifesavers for any home garage workshop. They provide the homeowner with enough power so you never have to worry about a power shortage when working on a project.

Also, you can install a secondary panel for safety reasons. Indeed, if the main panel is so full that the wires look like a crowded maze, it can be used as an alternative.

They are also used next to the main panel, in case it fails.

Focus primarily on security

Safety should be a priority when setting up a home workshop. If things go wrong, the repercussions can be disastrous. Safety is essential as you will be using high risk tools that require safe handling.

Ensure good lighting

A well-lit workshop is safe and efficient. If you have poor lighting, chances are you won’t have any visibility of what you’re doing. This can lead to costly mistakes that you could have easily avoided.

When designing the workshop, plan for an air compressor, large windows, and even a translucent roof to let in natural light for good lighting. This can be very useful during the day.

If you intend to work at night, install sufficient artificial lighting that will be just as effective as natural daylight during the day. Don’t depend on a headlamp to guide you through your repair projects.

Consider your comfort.

When arranging the garage, you can be carried away by functionality and compliance with budget constraints. So you might forget that your comfort inside that garage is also important.

It is important to remember that you will be spending a lot of time in this workshop. It would therefore be wise to make it comfortable in order to avoid back pain and other problems that an ergonomic workspace could have avoided.


When you finally set up your home workshop, be sure to take inspiration from some of the home car workshop ideas featured in this article.

Make sure you have adequate lighting, internet access, hydraulic jack stands for safety and consider your comfort as you will be spending a lot of time in the garage.

In addition, it is also essential to determine the source of funding before embarking on this adventure and to choose a good storage solution for the tools.

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